THE NEXT LEAP – Flysurfer Speed4 8.0 & 10.0 – Facts & Features

Hier jetzt auch ein Video, welches ein paar technische Features unter die Lupe nimmt. Im Video zu sehen sind Dylan van der Meij, Yusca Balogh, Eddy Lansink in South Africa. Edited by WOOProductions

Hier ein Testbericht vom boardway, der den Speed 4 schon unter die Lupe genommen hat:

Technical renewals:
Next to established technologies and features of the past like – Little Connection Lines, Automatic Water/Dirt Drainage System, Triple Depower, etc. – we introduce the following technical features with the Speed4:

// Rigid Foil Technology by Gin
Reinforcement of the front leading edge profile for increased performance and stability.

// Smart Direct Airfoil
New flex-profile from extensive simulations for a shorter and more effective depower and quicker turning.

// Minimized bridle
Just three main levels (A,B & Z) and new connection points have created a much simpler line system, which is lighter and has less drag.

// Simplified mixer
Just one pulley per side makes for easiest trim tuning for everyone.// Rigid Foil Technology by Gin

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