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Kite Ride Bonaire

Eight of the world’s best wakestyle kiteboarders confirmed their presence during the Kite Ride Bonaire coming June 17- 22nd. They will join the Kite Ride Bonaire organization to host a week of competition, fun and festivities. Check further to see how you can join the event.

The international list of names guarantees an impressive show to be given on the locally build obstacles and features that will be placed in the turquoise waters of Bonaire. Wakestyle kiteboarding is an exciting discipline where a combination of skills and style are tested. Ruben Lenten recently visited the island of Bonaire to meet up with the local building crew that is voluntarily building some world-class obstacles. “I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and skills the local youngsters showed during the build” said Ruben. Further he stated; ‘ having such a warm welcome and meeting all people involved made me feel home here in the Caribe straight away, and I can’t wait to put on a real show with my kiteboarding friends”.

Together with the Kite Ride Bonaire organization Ruben proudly presents the following riders that have claimed their spot at the event:

Rick Jensen (GER)
Aaron Hadlow (UK)
Billy Parker (USA)
Bruna Kajiya (BRA)
Jake Kelsick (ANT)
Lewis Crathern (UK)
Sam Light (UK)
Ruben Lenten (NL)

The organization also received the first wildcard applications online from kiteboarders around the world.

See great shows, Win a Wild Card, Ride with the Pro’s or just party!
Bonaire is the perfect location for wakestyle because of the temperature, flat water and steady trade winds. Because the kitespot Bonaire has offshore winds, it offers the perfect flatwater playground for kiteboarders to show their tricks on floating rails and ramps.

Wild card entries
Kite Ride Bonaire gives everybody the opportunity to compete with the invited riders by giving away 7 wildcards.

You can win a wildcard for the event by submitting a 2-4 min video showing your latest tricks onto All video clips have to be submitted before May 10th.

A jury of the Kite Ride Foundation under supervision of Ruben Lenten will choose the winners of the wildcards. The jury will take in account the number of likes an entry gets on our facebook page as well as the style and difficulty of the entry. As a wildcard winner you will receive a US$ 500,- compensation for travel and a deal with Sorobon Beach Resort (, the base camp of our pro’s, for your stay. Stay with the pro’s and don’t pay the contest nights and diners when you stay one week.

May 13th Kite Ride Bonaire will announce the lucky 6-wildcard winners.

Ride for the Wild Card on Bonaire
During the event the last wildcard (number 7) will be given away. Kite Ride Bonaire wants to give everybody who wasn’t lucky but can be present on Bonaire June 17th a second chance. It will be exciting and fun to watch the battle for the last wildcard spot just in front of Atlantis Beach on June 17th.

Check for more information or email

With our airline sponsors Arkefly we made a special deal for the flight from Amsterdam to Bonaire on which you can bring your kitebag for free, check”. This deal is for everyone who wants to participate or visit the Kite Ride event. If we have enough travelers ArkeFly will make a special Kite Flight, a plane full of Kiteboarders with a lot of entertainment, especially for all kiteboarding friends! So book your flight and make this the flight of your lifetime.

Ride with the Pro’s
Kite Ride Bonaire organizes a ride with the pro’s where everybody can ride with the invited riders.

A small group of riders will be assigned to a Pro Team under the supervision of one of the international riders. The International rider will give his team advice on how to compete and at the end of the session each team will have show their tricks. Together with a jury the Pro riders will decide on which team performed best and takes home the prize of the Ride with the Pro’s event.

Even if you are not kiteboarding yourself this part of the event will be a fun part to watch.

Send your application to if you want to Ride with the pro’s.
Deadline is June 1st and selection take place based on first come, first serve.

Although the Kite Ride is a wakestyle event we want to attract all kiteboarders and make the event a playground for all riders and disciplines. Not everybody wants to compete on a slider / rail set up but many kiteboarders have a old school skills….hangtime!

This time the pro’s will not compete but they will join crowd and form the jury. It will be the opportunity to show the Pro Riders your talent and skills, this will be all about fly as high and as long as possible.

Charity Downwinder
The local youngsters are really important for the Kite Ride foundation without their help it wouldn’t be possible to host this event. They have been building the obstacles, made the drawings and helped in all organizational parts. Our Kite Ride partners helped us to teach the local children how to kiteboard and we would like to continue this. Jong Bonaire is an institute on Bonaire that helps all local children during an after school program and organizes all sorts of educational and fun activities. The downwinder is organized to gather funding for kiteboard lessons for the youth of Young Bonaire, hopefully to breed new talent and future champions.

We all ride TOGETHER on the last day of the event. All kiteboarders -wake, free or race and all windsurfers will Ride from Atlantis Beach to Spice Beach Club were there will be an all day party! We will have transport available from Klein Bonaire to Spice Beach Club.

Kiteboard beach “Atlantis” on the leeward side of the island at the flat and remote salt mining area locates two kiteboard schools (1 also IKO certified) that offer kiteboard lessons for all levels and rentals.

There are direct flights from Amsterdam, Miami, Houston, Newark and other international flights via Aruba or Curacao. ArkeFly created special packages for travelers that want to attend this event.
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