KL_Kalender_2014_Druck_02-1We are SOLD OUT!!

After we got such an amazing feedback for the kite calendar 2013 as well, we decided to make another kite calendar for 2014. It’ll be huge again with fantastic pictures! Treat yourself and get the calendar for 2014. The calendar is only 19.90,- Euro and to get it delivered within Germany is even free. The shipping costs within Europe other than Germany is 9.90,- Euro.

Terms and Conditions – Kitelife Kite Kalender 2014

1. The price for the calendar is 19.90,- Euro.

2. You’ll get the calendar in the mail. With the calendar there’s the invoice with the bank details.

3. Transfer the money on Terra Oceanis Verlag’s bank account. When transferring the money let us know your customer id which you can find on the invoice.

4. Shipping is 9.90€ within Europe. Outside Europe might be higher.