Seht und staunt – der erste Chapter One-Trailer ist online:

Full Riders list:
Keahi de Aboitiz (wave champion)
Pete Cabrinha (kiteboard pioneer, big wave surfer)
Aaron Hadlow (5x world champion freestyle)
Kellen Hall (kiteboard teacher)
Graham Howes (professional kitesurfer)
Nick Jacobsen (stuntman and professional kitesurfer)
Bruna Kajiya (freestyle world champion)
Jalou Langeree (wave champion)
Kevin Langeree (big air champion and wave rider)
Ruben Lenten (storm chaser)
Sam Light (wakestyle specialist)
Susi Mai (professional kitesurfer and entrepreneur)
Carlos Mario (Local talent from brazil)
Sam Medysky (Professional kitesurfer)
Don Montague (inventor)
Rick Naish (founder Naish boards, hobiecat champion)
Robby Naish (windsurf legend, kiteboard pioneer)
Liam Whaley (freestyle champion)
Jesse Richman (big air champion and big wave rider)
Youri Zoon (2x freestyle world champion)


Australia: Keahi de Aboitiz
Brazil: Bruna Kajiya, Carlos Mario
Canada: Sam Medysky
Germany: Susi Mai
Denmark: Nick Jacobsen
Spain: Liam Whaley
Hawaii: Pete Cabrinha, Rick Naish, Robby Naish, Jesse Richman
Netherlands: Jalou Langeree, Kevin Langeree, Youri Zoon, Ruben Lenten
South Africa: Graham Howes
UK: Richard Branson, Sam Light, Aaron Hadlow
US: Kellen Hall, Don Montague (US-Canadian)

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